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aspirations for my future.

Ever since I can remember (and still, to this day) Little Mermaid was my favorite movie.

Everything about it enchanted me. The characters, the music, and most importantly the idea that all of this amazingness could be happening under the sea

I may be an established professional, but I’m keeping the dream alive that when I grow up I’ll be a mermaid. 


spirit animals.

I whole-heartedly believe in them. I think of it like the Joshua Tree Epiphany. Once you come to terms with yours, who knows what you’ll accomplish.
I know without a shadow of a doubt that mine is a flamingo, but apparently BuzzFeed thinks I’m a tiny turtle on a skateboard.

The choice is obvious BuzzFeed.

Always be yourself, unless you can be a mermaid. then ALWAYS be a mermaid.



growing….because I can.

Turning thirty was not only a milestone on paper, but it was heart-healthy. Shifting my focus from I and my, to we and us.

I have always been fortunate enough to have long healthy locks. Albeit, curly and at times untamable, but thick and ever-present. 

I highlight my hair, so I was disheartened in my research to find that many programs can’t accept colored or gray hair. However, in my quest to find a program, I was introduced to Children With Hair Loss. Not only do they have less restrictions on color, but they also have a lower barrier to entry, with a minimum submission of 8” in length.

If you’re interested in the process, and have encountered similar challeneges, I encourage you to learn more about them.

In the end, it’ll grow back….for some of us.
For others, that isn’t in the cards, but there is hope, b/c we can help.

Children With Hair loss


No time for perfect.

A mid-year rebrand. My blog, my thinking, my actions and activities.

Trying to change mundane instances, into meaningful experiences. 

From “everyday nonsense I call life,” to “doing for those that can’t”


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Finally booked our Mexican adventure today. I am so excited! Not only is this going to be our first time out of the USA (#tttdbt) but also our first time going somewhere just the two of us (for the first two days; then everyone else arrives). 

Squats. Runs. Yogas. Abs. This will be the next 90+ days. 

and let’s call a spade a spade… I’m in it for the resort wear!